O Blessed Child

“O Blessed Child” zoals gebruikt in de film “The Candy Shop” (Whitestone Motion Pictures), muziek gecomponeerd door Nicholas Kirk. De shortfilm gaat over de seksuele uitbuiting van kinderen. Donker, vreemd, intens. Dit lied raakt daardoor, maar ook los daarvan, een snaar. In een woord: prachtig.

O blessed child be ye not afraid
For the Lord will keep you still
And shall pluck you from the cursed dark
By love your heart will heal

O blessed child with thy sun eclipsed
Does not the darkness reign?
But vengeance falls on blackened souls
Thy light will shine again

In a breadth of innocence we shall walk the seas
Rest your heart on providence and know
Thy captors kingdom shall be burned for all to see
And thy flesh shall not be owned

O blessed child for the Lord hath said
Whoever shall harm thee,
Tis better to be tied to stone
And drowned in darkened seas

Tis better to be tied to stone
And drowned in darkened sea.

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